One of the things we like at Palco4 is making our clients and partners as happy as possible. Being able to do so in our own country is something we like even more.

Although we started our journey from Spain towards the world by exporting a very cool ticketing system, today we are pleased to annouce that, thanks to such clients as Grupo Smedia or Fresh Festival, we are officially operating in Spain.

Grupo Smedia is known by people in Madrid as it is the main private administrative office for the capital’s theaters and one of the largest ones in the entire country. Legendary stages such as those of Alcázar, Lara or Gran Vía are some of the Group’s main assets.

In addition, Palco4 was also present at the Fresh Festival, a genuine explosion of Latin music which filled the Vicente Calderón stadium during two days and which posed a challenge in terms of efficiently managing the ticketing of such a big event.

Spain, having one of the highest rates of smartphone users in the world and an e-commerce which is exponentially growing nonstop year after year, is a good place from which to make ticketing management something easy, nice and powerful to use.

We want to thank our clients for their trust and for giving us the opportunity to improve the service we provide to them.

At Palco4, we know that the journey has been great so far though we also know that the best part is yet to come.

Do you want to know more? We will be pleased to answer your questions here:

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