Today we are especially rejoicing at Palco4 as we are adding a new country where we are present thanks to our partners.

In this case, we are delighted to annouce that we are starting our activity in Chile!

This Andean country, with the Viña del Mar Festival and the Moai statues at Easter Island, already relies on our ticketing solution brought by Dale Ticket.

With almost 20 million inhabitants, Chile is one of the best prepared countries in Latin America technologically speaking. Although certain studies such as “Tendencias del Retail en Chile 2016” (Retail Trends in Chile in 2016) indicate that e-commerce is growing nonstop, we are also aware that, in order to help our clients change the shopping habits of Chileans, we must offer useful, easy-to-handle tools.

For this reason, we are making our biggest effort so our partners in Chile have the nicest, simplest, most powerful ticketing system ever. We want to thank them for their trust.

Do you want to know more? We will be pleased to answer your questions here:

Palco4: The nicest, simplest, most powerful ticketing system ever.

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